The Witch, The Warlock, and me.

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The Witch, The Warlock, and me.

- Meeting Dianna -

I met Dianna in my sophomore psychology class. We had assigned seats, and she ended up sitting next to me. And, she was one of those girls that most guys would figure that they'd never have a snowballs chance in hell with. She was drop dead gorgeous. Long black hair, down to the middle of her back. The face of a movie star, with a body to match. And, she had an air about her that said, I know who I am, I know what I want, and I always get my way. If she looked at you, it was like her dark eyes where looking into your soul.

We sat next to each other through the first three weeks of class, never exchanging a word. Until one day the prof, as an experiment in trust, had everyone pair off, and guide each other around campus blindfolded. As luck would have it, I ended up paired with this gorgeous girl. To start with, I didn't even know her name.

But, right off she said, "Hi Kile. My name's Dianna. But, you can call me Di."

I stammered a bit, "Oh. . . . Ah. . . . How did you know my name?"

"I've heard you and your friends talking."

The experiment was to trust your partner to lead you around campus blindfolded, and not run you into any obstacle. Dianna volunteered to let me lead her around first. So, she slipped on the blind fold, and I took her hand. And, what a hand, long fingers, perfectly manicured nails, very soft, and a number of interesting rings.

In leading her around, it was like she anticipated my every word and movement. Once, I forgot to warn her about a curb, and she just stepped off of it like she knew it was there. When it was her turn to lead me around, it was like I was also anticipating her. Neither of us had any problems. This was weird, as we heard from some of the other pairs that they were having all kinds of problems. Tripping over, and walking into, all kinds of things.

When I walked into class the next time, Dianna was already there, she looked, smiled, and said, "Hi Kile."

I couldn't help but smile at her, and say, "Hi Dianna."

"Remember it's Di."


"That's all right."

We sat through class, and listened to the problems that various pairs had with the experiment. When the prof asked if there was anyone that didn't have problems. Both Di and I raised our hands. The prof explained that this is very rare, and usually happens when people know each other very well. We told him that we had only met in this class.

As class was breaking up, for some reason I asked, "Di. Would you like to do something on Friday night?"

And, I thought, 'What the hell are you thinking. This girl would never give you a second glance outside of class.'

She looked at me, smiled, and said, "That would be nice. What did you have in mind?"

I nearly lost it. She had said, yes. I was able to get out, "There's a concert in the quad at eight."

"That would be really nice."

We went to the concert, and then stopped at a local pizza place afterward for a bite to eat, and something to drink. We just chatted about the concert, and our classes. Afterwards I walked her back to her off campus apartment. This university has a rule that freshmen, and sophomores, are supposed to live either at home, or in the dorms, as I did. And, I asked her, "How did you luck out getting to live in an off campus apartment?"

She smiled, and said, "I just pulled some strings. I hate room mates that I don't have a choice over."

"I know what you mean. Mine is a neat freak. Everything has to be in its place."

We said goodnight, with a "See you in class on Monday."

We went out a few more times during the semester, but nothing much happened. During the break between fall and spring semesters I went home. And, when classes started in the spring, not only was Di in one of my classes, but in three of them, and sitting next to me in each one.

On the first day of classes, and in the first class we shared together. I was there first, and wasn't paying attention to who sat next to me until I smelled her perfume. The perfume she wore was unique, intoxicating, and you couldn't miss it. I looked over, she smiled at me, and said, "Hi Kile."

"Hi Di. Have a good semester break?"



"Yea. There was no one around."

"Sorry to hear that."

"That's all right. I found some things to do."

Class started just then, so no more chit chat. When the class was over, we walked out of the room together, and we both headed in the same direction. So, I asked her, "Where your next class?"

"In Lee 218."

"Me too."

With a smile, she said, "Small world."

"I guess. It might help to study together."

"It just might. And, maybe do other things together too."

Was she hinting that she wanted to go out with me again? Maybe.

We sat through that class, and as we walked out at the end of the period, she went to turn left, and I went to turn right. We both stopped, and she said, "Let me see your class schedule?"

"Sure.", I said, as I handed her my schedule.

"Interesting. We have these two classes together on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And another one on Tuesday, and Wednesday."


"We can do a lot of studying together.", she said, as she handed me my schedule, smiled, and started to walk away. But, stopped, turned, looked at me, smiled, and said, "See you tomorrow Kile."

I returned the smile, and said, "See you Di."

The rest of the week, we sat next to each other in class, and went to the library to study. On Thursday, I asked her, "You like basketball?"


"Want to go to the game Saturday afternoon?"

"I'd love to."

On Saturday afternoon we sat through a very boring basketball game. Our team lost, one- hundred-three to eighty-five. As we walked across campus, she asked, "Want to stop by my place for dinner?"


With a smile, she said, "I think I can throw something together."

As we walked into her apartment, she said, "Make yourself comfortable, and I'll get dinner started."

I looked around the livingroom, and saw some interesting things. It appeared that she liked old things. There was a bookcase full of old books. I looked closely at them, most didn't have titles on the spine, and those that did I couldn't read. They were in a foreign language. There were a number of prints on the wall, which also appeared to be very old. But, her furniture was all new, very nice, and very comfortable. I sat in an overstuffed chair, and looked around the room some more. The one additional thing that caught my attention was a pentagram, in what looked like a very old frame, hanging over the fireplace. And, sitting on the mantel, on either side of the pentagram, were two black candles in gold candle holders.

She was back in about fifteen minutes, and said, "Hope you don't mind spaghetti, bread, and a salad. I've really got to go shopping."

"Sounds great. You've got a lot of interesting things in here."

"My mother gave most of them to me. But, I've picked up a few things on my own. I just love old manuscripts, and prints."

"Can you read any of the books? They all seem to be in foreign languages."

"They are. I can read a little, but I'm trying to learn."

We sat down to a very nice dinner. The table was a little different, most dinning tables are square or rectangular, this one was round, and very old. The chairs were also old, and appeared to be hand carved with many characters on them.

She noticed me looking closely at the chairs, and said, "I told you I liked old things. I found this table and chairs in an old antique barn. They were buried in the back, and I don't think anyone had seen them for years. I love digging in places like that. It took us an hour to dig out the table, and five chairs."

"You do this digging very often?"

"As much as I can. I did a lot between semesters."

After dinner we went back to the livingroom. I again sat on the overstuffed chair, and she sat on the couch. We chatted about a number of things for awhile, and then the talk turned to some of her things. She got up, walked to the bookcase, and picked one of the books. As she sat on the couch, she said, "Come on over, and take a look."

I couldn't resist being closer to her, so without any hesitation I joined her on the couch. She showed me the leather cover on the book, and pointed out the intricate hand-embossed scene on the cover. I really couldn't make out what it was.

She carefully opened the book, and started showing me some of the art work. It looked hand done to me, so I asked, "Is this all done by hand?"

"Yes.", she said, "Someone many years ago wrote this book, and did all the art work. It may be one of a kind. You can still see the very faint lines used to align the text."

Some of the art work was a little strange, showing the devil, and other types of devilish characters. Some of the characters appeared to be witches, not like most people think of them standing around a caldron, but in the woods, standing around a pentagram drawn on the ground.

The wording was in a language that I couldn't make out. Maybe an old European language. Di said, "I haven't been able to read this one yet. But, I will."

"Why don't you take it to the foreign language department? They might be able to help."

"It's more fun trying to figure it out myself.", she said with a smile, "It gives me something to do on cold winter nights, and I learn a lot doing it."

On one of the pages was a pentagram. I'd seen this before. I looked over at the fireplace, and it was the same pentagram that was hanging above the fireplace.

"Interesting. Isn't it?", Di said, as she noticed me looking at the fireplace. "I found that print, above the fireplace, at an old book seller in New England last summer. It's leather. And, I just had to have it."

"Is it as old as the book?", I asked her.

"It appears to be. But, I don't know for sure."

She set the book down on the coffee table, turned, and looked at me. I, of course looked at her. Who couldn't look at this beautiful face.

She finally said, "Kile. It takes me a long time to warm up to someone. I've been hurt too many times. But, you are a very nice person, and I like you very much."

I just looked at her for a few seconds, then said, "Who could hurt you?"

"You'd be surprised. They could, and they did."

I just shook my head. And, finally said, "A lot of my friends have said that you're out of my league. And, I've felt a little that way too."

"Kile. No. I'm really a down to earth person. I look at a person for what's in their heart. And, I like what I see in you."

She leaned over, and gave me a very soft kiss. Then sat back. We looked at each other for a minute, then I leaned over, and returned the kiss. She then got up, looked down at me, and said, "Do you like wine?"


"I'll be right back."

She was back in a couple of minutes with two glasses of wine. The glasses were actually goblets. Very fancy goblets. As she handed me one, she said, "Another one of my last summers finds."

She sat down, and offered up a toast, "To us."

We touched our glasses, and sipped our wine. I'm not a very experienced wine person, but this was very nice.

As I was leaving, she wrapped her arms around my neck, looked me in the eyes, and said, "See you tomorrow?"

I couldn't help but smile, and say, "Sure."

Then she kissed me. A long, soft kiss. Her kiss made the wine seem like vinegar. We held the kiss for a long time. As I was walking out the door, she held my hand like she didn't want me to leave. I really didn't want to either. But, I finally did.

When I got back to my dorm, a bunch of my friends were in the lounge, and I stopped in to see what was going on. My neat freak room mate was there, and said, "Saw you and that broad at the game tonight. Man is she out of your league."

I glared at him, and said, "John. She’s not a broad. Her name is Diana. And, just because she's one of the prettiest girls on campus, doesn't make her out of any ones league. It's how you feel about each other. Maybe one of these days you'll find out for yourself when you find someone that'll put up with you."

That got a few chuckles from everyone else. But, another friend, Paul said, "Just wait. She'll hurt you."

"You know.", I said, looking at Paul, "It might happen. But, I'll enjoy the time I have with her."

Di and I spent a lot of time together. In class, studying together, going places, and just being together. On weekends, she took me digging for things at some of her favorite antique places. And, we found some very old things, some she liked, some she didn't.

One Saturday, on one of these excursions, we were walking through a town that was about two hours from campus, and it had a number of old book stores. We were in and out of every one of them. In some we only spent a few minutes, in others we spent a long time. But, in one, we spent a very long time. It was like she was looking for something special, and knew it was in this store.

We looked in every room in this store, actually an old house. Finally, in a room on the second floor, she found something. A small, leather-bound, book. I looked over her shoulder as she carefully looked through the book. I could feel her excitement in what she had found, and I asked, "Why so excited?"

"Oh.", she answered, "This book is very old. Look closely. See the drawings, and the script."

"So, this is what you've been hunting for?"

"In a way. It's very well done. And, it will make a great addition to my library."

The book seller smiled at us, as Di paid for the book. Two-hundred and fifty dollars. And, I thought the books in the university book store were expensive. But, it made her happy. Very happy.

We found a nice restaurant, and she treated for supper. As we were eating, I asked, "So, what is the book about?"

"I'm not really sure yet. But, I know that it’s an important work."

"So, you bought it not knowing what it's about?"

"Almost. But, I bought it for the beauty of workmanship done to make the book. The leather cover is very pretty, and well preserved. The penmanship is perfect. And, the art work really belongs in a museum."

When we were back at her apartment, she carefully placed the book in the bookcase. Then she turned to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a deep kiss. A very long, deep, kiss. Her kisses were still sweeter then any wine that we had shared.

Tonight turned into something special. I didn't make it back to my dorm. I've had sex with a number of girls, but there was something special about this. It was long, and slow. It felt really different. Really special. Like we belonged together.

We spent Sunday together, just doing things. I even went grocery shopping with her, and carried all the bags into the apartment. As I was leaving that evening, she gave me the deepest kiss that she'd ever given me.

The guys at the dorm gave me a real hard time about not being in the dorm on Saturday night. I just smiled.

Over the rest of the semester, I spent either Friday or Saturday night with Di. And, a few times the whole weekend. It was more than a lover's thing. It was more of a true couple thing. We did many things together. And, if I thought our first time in bed was special, I was wrong. Each time was better then the last. It was like we knew how to bring pleasure to each other without knowing what the other liked.

Later that week we were sitting at the dinning room table studying. Di looked at me, and said, "Kile."

I looked up at her.

She continued with, "There's something that I think we both feel for each other, and we’ve never really come right out and said.”

“What’s that?”

“I love you."

I continued to look at her for a few seconds, and said, "Di, I love you too."

She got up, walked over to me, and gave me a long, deep, kiss. Then said, "I know you do. And, it's time we told each other that."

- Another Dianna -

At the end of spring semester, I had a tough decision to make. To go home during the summer, or stay and take a few classes. If I went home, Di would be here alone for three months, as she wasn’t going home for the summer. And, I'd miss her. Really miss her. If I took some classes, I'd have to find somewhere to stay, as the dorms were closed. In the end it wasn't a tough decision. And, I had a place to stay. With Di.

I had classes on just Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, which gave us long weekends. The first two weekends, we traveled a bit, doing some of Di's digging at various antique places. This was actually fun. When I arrived back at Di's apartment after classes on the third Wednesday of classes, I sensed something. Nothing bad, but just something. She was sitting in the livingroom, reading the little book that we had found during our spring semester trip.

I looked at her, and asked, "So, you figured out how to read that little book?"

"Almost.", she replied, "I've been able to read a lot of it, and the more I look at it the more I can figure out."

"What's it about?"

"It has a lot of history. Some old remedies, and things like that."

"So, it’s interesting?"


That night we were laying in bed, after a great round of sex, and with a serious tone to her voice, Dianna said, "Honey. There's something that you need to know about me."

I got up on an elbow so I could look at her, and simply asked, "What?"

"I'm a Witch."

"A Witch?"

She just nodded yes.

"Honey.", I added, "Are you all right? There's no such thing as a Witch."

Without a word, she got out of bed, took my hand, led me to the livingroom, and in front of the fireplace. She let go of my hand, faced the fireplace, held her hands up, and said something that I couldn't understand. Within seconds, the candles were lit, and a blazing fire was burning in the fireplace. She then said something else, and she was wearing a black cape lined in red.

She turned, and looked at me. I just stared at her in disbelief, and I guess it showed. As she said, "Believe me now?"

I just looked at her. The expression on her face was one of worry. One that said, I love you, but I had to tell you. I still wasn't sure if I believed that she was a Witch, but what she had just done . . .

I was finally able to ask, "Why are you telling me this?"

"Kile. I'm very much in love with you. I love you more than life itself. And, I felt you had a right to know about me."

I reached out, took her hand, led her to the couch, and we sat down. Again, we just looked at each other for a few moments. And, I saw tears in her eyes. She finally said, "If I lose you. I'll be devastated, but I'll understand."

"Dianna.", I said, "I'm not going to run away. I won't say that I understand what you just told me, because I don't. But, because I love you as much as you love me, I'll try to understand it. It's strange hearing your girlfriend say that she's a Witch, when you've always believed that there was no such thing."

I felt her hand squeeze mine. I pulled her toward me, and held her. She finally pulled back, took my face in her hands, and kissed me. Then said, "Kile I do love you so much."

"And, I love you."

I got up, took her hand, and led her to the kitchen. She sat at the table while I made us each a cup of tea, I figured that this might be a long night. I set her cup down in front of her, and then sat next to her, and with a smile, I asked, "You didn't cast a spell over me. Did you?"

She got a little smile on her face, and said, "Maybe I did, but not a Witch’s spell. I felt something when I first sat down beside you in the psychology class. I knew if it was going to be something special that it would happen on its own. And, when we were paired together for that little experiment, I knew where it was going."

"You did?"

"Yes. I knew you felt I was out of your league, but I knew I wasn't, and didn't want to scare you off. So, I just let you take the relationship where you wanted to. I was a little disappointed when we didn't go out more that first semester. But, when we had the three classes together the next semester, I hoped that more would come of it. And, it did. And, I'm very happy that it did.

"I could have cast a spell, or made a love potion, to make you fall in love with me. But, I didn't want that. I wanted us to just fall in love like we did."

I sat there, looking at her, thinking, 'If she's really a Witch, can I handle it? Do I want a Witch for a girlfriend?' I answered my own questions, first by not running away, and second by saying, "I'm happy that it did too. I guess if you had cast a spell, I'd never known it."

"You wouldn't have known. But, I wouldn't have felt right about it."

"So, you're a good Witch?"

"Yes. All my female ancestors were good Witches."

"All your ancestors were Witches?"

"Mostly the female ones. A couple of the men were Wizards."

"How far back?"

"Before written history. Let me show you something else."

She got up, headed to the dinning room, and I followed.

She continued, "You know the pentagram over the fireplace?"


As she removed the table cloth from the table, she said, "This table has been handed down through the generations, as have the books, and other things in the livingroom. And, I can read all the books, except the new one that we bought."

The table had the same pentagram on it as in the print over the fireplace. We sat down at the table, and I said, "Shouldn't you put out the candles before they burn down?"

"No. They never burn down. They're very ancient. And, the fire in the fireplace won't burn down either."

"Won't it heat up the apartment?"

"Only if I want it to."

"You know, I always thought witches were ugly?"

She got a big smile on her face at that, and said, "And, I suppose we all wear pointy black hats, and ride a broom stick."

"I just thought . . . "

"Love. The pictures of the ugly witches were meant to scare little children. And, we don't wear pointy hats, or ride a broom stick, or boil children in caldrons."

"I'm sorry. But, . . . "

"I know love. It's just that the stories you've been told, or read, are all wrong."

We walked back into the livingroom, sat on the couch, and talked for a long time. Neither of us felt tired. It finally hit me that I was sitting there completely naked, and Di only had on the cape. She told me a lot of things. That she only practiced witchcraft to learn the art. That she's never used it on anyone, or for her own gain, except for a very few times. Once to get the off campus apartment when she was a freshman. She just had to be alone so she could practice her art. And, then when she was closed out of a class. The class was on ancient Celtic history. It was to be taught by a visiting professor from Britain, and only offered one time. And, she just had to be in the class.

As our long talk was winding down, we sat there, and just looked at each other. Finally Di asked, "Well?"

"Well what?", I responded with a little smile.

"Can you accept a Witch as a girlfriend?"

"You've given me a lot to think about. I've found a girl that I can really love. She tells me she's a Witch, and proves it to me. And, she wants me to accept it. Can I accept it? . . . Hmm."


I grinned, leaned over, kissed her, and said, "Yes. As long as, you don't use your powers on me."

She looked at me with a wicked grin, and said, "No promises on that lover. I just might turn you into a newt, and carry you around in my pocket."

"You'd do that. Wouldn't you?"

"You bet love."

She grabbed me, and gave me a very deep kiss. Then she said something, and the cape disappeared, the candles went out, and the fire in the fireplace died down to a romantic glow. We made love right there on the couch.

Over the rest of the summer, when ever I was studying, Di was reading the small, leather bound, book that we had bought. I’d look over at her, and she would be deep into her reading, every once in awhile she would mouth something, then maybe shake her head no, or maybe smile.

The rest of my summer classes flew by. Di and I continued to do our weekend traveling, and every once in awhile, she'd come up with a new find. We also did the things couples do, movies, dinners, long walks, and other things. Di never brought it up again that she was a Witch. She was content that I knew.

Right after my summer classes ended, and about a month before fall classes started, Di asked, "Would you like to go somewhere special?"

"Sure. Where?"

"To meet my mother."

"Ah. . . . Taking the boyfriend to meet mom?"

"Why not. She wants to meet you."

"She knows about me?"

"Sure. We share a lot of things."

"How much?"

"Almost everything."

"Nice. She'll hate me."

With a big smile, Di said, "No she won't. She'll love you."

"But, I'm sleeping with her daughter."

On Sunday we were on a plane flying to Di's hometown. As we were landing Di said, "Just remember, don't call me Di in front of my mom."

We walked into the airport, and I knew right away who Di's mother was. She was as pretty as her daughter, and didn't really look old enough to have a daughter Di's age. We walked up to her, Di gave her a very big hug, then said, "Mom. This is Kile Brightman. Kile this is my mother."

Her mom reached out her hand, and I took it. She held onto my hand, looked me over, smiled with the same smile that Di does, and said, "So, you're the young man that my daughter has fallen for?"

"Yes ma'am. I guess I am."

"And, young lady." she said looking at Di, "Are you behaving yourself?"

"Yes ma'am."

She looked at Di with a knowing smile.

We chatted as we waited for our suitcases, and then on the drive to her mothers home. A very nice, very large, older home, on the ocean side of town. As we walked into the house, Di's mother said, "I shouldn't do this, but you are living together at school. Your old room is ready for the two you with a new, queen size, bed."

I followed Di upstairs, carrying the suitcases, to her room. A very nice, large room, with large windows that looked out over the ocean. I set the cases down, walked over to one of the windows, and looked out at the ocean. Di walked up behind me, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed my neck. Then whispered, "Pretty view, isn't it. And, by the way Mom likes you."

"Are you sure?"

"Very sure. If she didn't, you wouldn't be staying in the house. Let alone in the same bed with me."

- Another me -

We were spending a week here, and her mom did make me feel very welcome. Di showed me around the small town, and we walked the beach every evening. On one of these evening walks, we stopped at a small restaurant for desert. We sat side by side at an outside table, enjoying the view, and each other.

Di asked, "Honey. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Anything."

"Would you like to experience something new?"

"Like what?"

"Well . . . You remember the small book that we bought?"


"Remember I told you that it had history and some ancient remedies in it?"

"Yes.", I said a little hesitantly. Just where was she going with this?

"Well there's more to it then that."


"It's a witch’s book."

"I thought as much."

"I've been able to read it. And, it tells how to change things."

"Change things. How?"

"From one thing to another."

"Stop beating around the bush. What are you getting at?"

"The book tells how to change something into something else. Including people."


"It gives spells to change people into things, or other people, or another sex."

"You're kidding?"

"No. It really does."

"And?" I'm not sure I like where this is going.

"And, I'd like to try it out."

"So, pick someone."

"That someone has to be willing, or it won't work."

"So, you need a willing victim?"

"Kile! Not a victim. Just someone that's willing to experience something new."

"And, you want me to be that someone?"

"I'd like that."

I sat there, and just looked at her. This was getting too weird. She wants to change me into someone, or something, else. Why? So, I finally just asked her, "Why?"

"Honey. You know I like to learn things, and practice my art. And, this is the first time that I have to involve someone else. And, you're my best friend. My lover. And . . . "

"I know. But, what are the risks? Will it hurt? Can it be reversed?"

"Kile, I would never, ever, hurt you. Of course it can be reversed, or I wouldn't even suggest it."

I got up, walked out onto the pier that ran from the restaurant out into the ocean. I stood there looking at the ocean, and listening to the water lapping against the pier, for a long time. I finally turned, looked at Di for a minute, then walked back to where she was sitting, and sat back down.

"You really want me to do this. Don't you?"


"And, you want to turn me into a newt?"

"No silly."

"Then what?"

"A girl."

"A girl!?"


"Why a girl?"

"It's actually the easiest change to do."


"Same species. Changing someone into an object, or into another species, is harder."

"This is important to you. Isn't it?"

"Yes. It's another step in learning my art. My mother can't even do this."

"Let me sleep on it?"

She got a smile on her face, and kissed me. We then walked slowly, hand in hand, and in silence, back to her mother's house. That night we made love. Long, slow, love.

The following morning, I rolled over, and looked at Di. She was still asleep. So, I just laid there, and watched her sleep. And, I thought about how much I loved her.

About fifteen minutes later she started to stir. She opened her eyes, saw me looking at her, and smiled. Then she said, "Good morning love."

I kissed her, and said, "Good morning."

We just laid there looking at each other. How can someone, just waking up, look so pretty? Then I held up one finger, and said, "Just once."

"Just once, what?"

"I'll let you do what you want to do. But, just once."



Her eyes lit up, she sat up, smiled, pushed me down flat on my back, and kissed me. A very long, and very deep kiss. When we broke the kiss, she said, "You're so wonderful."

By the time we came downstairs for breakfast, Di's mother had already left for an appointment of some kind. So, we made our breakfast together. As we were eating, I was looking at her, and thinking, 'Are we really going to do this? Do I really want her to change me into a girl?'

She looked at me, and said, "You're having second thoughts aren't you?"

"Ah . . . Kind of."

"Love. If you don't want to, we won't. But, nothing bad will happen. I promise."

"You can reverse it. Right?"

"Of course. That's the easiest part."

"And, changing me into the girl?"

"That takes a little more. Because I can mold you to look the way I want you to look."

"All right. When?"

"How about right now?"


"Sure. Then you won't have to worry about it."

"I guess."

"Go on upstairs, and get undressed. I'll get the book, and be right up."

I slowly walked upstairs to our room, and undressed. Still thinking about this whole thing. If I didn't love her so much . . .

I heard her come upstairs, and looked at her as she walked into the bedroom. She was carrying the little book, and she looked at me. She had a very sweet smile on her face, and I couldn't help but smile at her. She walked up to me, looked me in the eyes, and said, "Kile. You are so sweet for doing this, and I love you so very much."

I just looked at her, with I guess a very nervous look, because she added, "I know you're nervous. But, I'd never hurt you."

"I know. All right. What do I do?"

"All you have to do, is lay on the bed, relax, and trust me."

"I can do two of the three. But, relaxing isn't going to be easy."

"I know love. It will be a new experience, but it should be enjoyable."

As I laid down on the bed, I asked, "What am I going to feel?"

"From what the book says.", Di replied, "You'll get a little sleepy. And, you will feel various things as your body changes. But, it won’t hurt. And, if you really want to, we can stop at any time."

"What will I look like?"

"Like what I have in my mind. And, it'll be a surprise. Just relax."

I looked at her, took a deep breath, and said, "I'm all yours."

She smiled at me, opened the little book, read something, then slowly said something. Nothing happened.

"Kile." Di said, "Remember you have to be willing to do this. If you're not, it won't work."

"I'm sorry. I'll try."

I closed my eyes, tried to relax, and thought to myself, 'I want Di to do this. I want to help her learn her art.'

Di then repeated the words from the book, I felt very strange, very warm, and my whole body started to tingle. I got a little sleepy. I wasn't sure how long it went on, but it was at least a few minutes. When the tingling stopped, I opened my eyes, and asked, "What just happened?"

"Your bone structure, and muscle, just changed.", Di answered. "You have the body structure of a twenty-one year old girl."

"What's next?"

"Your face. Close your eyes, and relax."

I closed my eyes, and heard Di read another spell from the book. Again the strange feelings, the tingling, but this time just my head. When it stopped, I opened my eyes. Di was smiling, and said, "You have the face of a very pretty girl. Can I go on?"

"I guess. What's next?"

"Breasts, and your friend."

"Ah . . . "

With a grin, Di said, "Don't worry love. I'll be sure to bring at least that back. I like it too much to lose it."

"You'd better bring all of me back."

Di carefully read another spell from the book. This time, I felt the tingling in my chest. I could feel things changing. I figured that I was getting breasts. Before I could say anything, Di cast another spell, and what I felt this time was undescribable. It didn't hurt, but it felt very strange, like things were being sucked up inside me, and my insides were being rearranged. When the feelings stopped, I just lay there, and didn't say anything.

"Are you all right?", Di asked.

I couldn't answer her.

"Honey. Say something. Are you all right?"

Finally I said, "I think so. But, that was the strangest thing I've ever felt. What did you just do?"

"Made you a complete woman."

"A complete woman?"

"You've got a vagina and everything now."


“Yes. You could even get pregnant.”

"Don’t even kid about that. Are you done?"

"All most. One more spell."

Di read the spell, and I became very sleepy. When I finally shook out the cob webs, Di was sitting on the bed holding my hand. She smiled, and said, "Welcome back."

"Thanks. I think." Wait, that wasn't my voice. "My voice is different."

"Of course it is. It's a girl's voice."

"You really did it."

"You doubted me?"

"No. But . . . "

"But nothing. You're a real girl."

I looked down at my body, and saw my breasts. I reached up, and touched them. They were real. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Di smile, and she said, "Yes, they're real, and they're yours."

I started to get up, but Di said, "I'd lay there for a while. You need to get use to your new body."

I did feel a little light headed. So I laid back down.

After about fifteen minutes, I was starting to feel better. Di was still sitting with me, and I said, "I'm feeling better."

"Good. Want to see the new you?"

"I'm . . . I'm not sure."

"I think you'll like your new self."

"I don't know if I'm ready for a new me."

"Come on. Up and at 'em."

With her help, I slowly got off the bed, trying to get use to the new body, and I felt the weight of my breasts for the first time. As I stood up, I noticed my legs were shorter, and my feet smaller. I looked at my hands. They were also smaller, and very feminine. Di stood next to me, and for the first time I could look her straight in the eyes, instead of down at her.

Di said, "I figured, that this time, I'd make you the same size that I am, so you'd have some clothes to wear."

"So, our bodies are the same?"

"Yes. You're five foot five, thirty-six C, twenty-five, thirty-five."

I slowly walked toward her closet, which has a full length mirror on the door. I saw a girl. A very pretty red head, with green eyes, very pouty lips, and with skin that was almost as white as milk. And, as Di had said, her body appeared to be just like Di's. A very pretty body.

Di walked up next to me dropped her robe, and stood next to me naked. We looked at our reflections for a minute or two. Then Di asked, "Well do you like it?"

"If it wasn't me. Yes."

She smiled, and said, "But it is you."

"She's very pretty. But, you're prettier. Now change me back."

"Change you back!"

"You found out the spells’ work. And, it feels really weird looking at this body, and knowing that it's me."

"Maybe I should change your mind to a girl’s."

"You wouldn't?"

She gave me a look of, don't bet on it. Then she said, "Kile, love. I gave you the same body size as I have for a reason. So, that you could stay as a girl for a while, wear my clothes, and see what it's like."

I looked at her, and thought, 'I guess I could. What could it hurt?' Then I said, "All right. I'll stay this way for a little while."

She took my face in her hands, and gave me a long, deep, kiss. Then we wrapped our arms around each, and held each other. Our usual kisses made me feel very warm inside, but this one felt different. I felt very warm inside, actually a deep tingly warm, that turned into a shiver. And, there was another feeling, a new feeling, our naked breasts touching. When we broke the kiss, I said, "You can kiss me like that, when I look like this?"

"Lover. I can kiss you no matter what you look like. Because I know it's you and what's in your heart." And, she kissed me again.

When we broke that kiss, she walked over to the drawer where she had put her things, took out two bras, and two panties. And, she handed me a bra, and a pair of panties. Putting the panties on was easy. And, I had watched her put a bra on a number of times. But, when I tried it, I couldn't get the hooks fastened behind my back.

She was watching me. She smiled, walked behind me, and fastened the bra. Then she nibbled on my ear, and whispered, "It comes with practice."

She then showed me how to adjust my breasts in the cups. Again, I'd watched her do this many time, but it hadn't sunk in. But, feeling the bra wrapped around my chest was a completely new experience.

She handed me a pair of shorts, and a top. I had no problem putting these on. Then came a pair of sandals with two inch heals. These weren't too bad to get use to. I stumbled a little, but quickly got use to them.

Di then brushed my hair a little. Looked at me, and said, "Just a little makeup. Maybe just lipstick."

She took a pencil, and I watched in the mirror, as she lined my lips in a dark red. Then she took a tube of red lipstick, and a brush. And, used the brush to apply the lipstick to my lips. Again, I'd watched her do this, but hadn't paid much attention. When she was done, this redheaded girl had very kissable lips. And, looked cute in the outfit she had on.

Di stood back, looked me over, and said, "Looking good girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?", I said.

"You can't be a boyfriend looking like this."

I frowned at her.

With a little smile, she said, "Don't frown. It causes wrinkles."

- A little shopping -

We went downstairs, and as we walked into the kitchen Di asked, "So, what are we going to do today?"

My immediate response was, "Stay here."

She turned, looked at me, put her hands on her hips, and said, "Now that would be boring, and a waste of a beautiful day."

“I’m not going out looking like this.”

“What. A very pretty girl?”

“No. A very pretty girl that use to be a boy. And, wants to go back to being a boy.”

“And, who’s going to figure that out?”

“I don’t know. Someone will. I’m still a guy inside.”

“No one will. I could turn your mind into a girls, but then you wouldn’t remember anything.”

“Maybe you should have.”


“I’m sorry. But, it feels so weird, sitting here looking and feeling like a girl, but knowing I’m a guy.”

“I’ll make a deal with you.”


“You stay as a girl for the next twenty-four hours. And, if anything happens, no matter where we are, we’ll come back here, I’ll change you back, and I’ll never bring it up again.”

“And, if nothing happens.”

“I can change you when I want to for the next month.”

“Twenty-four hours?”


“No spells to make things go your way?”

“No spells. But, you can’t do anything to make something happen either.”

“And, if nothing happens you can change me into anything you want, whenever you want?”

“For a month.”

I sat there, and looked at her for a few minutes. Then said, “All right. But, one thing.”

Her eyes lit up, and she smiled, as she said, “What?”

“You can’t change me into anything really strange.”

An hour later we were parking the car in an off street parking lot in a small coastal town we hadn’t been to before. She got out, and I just sat there. Di stood at the front of the car, looking at me. She finally put her hands on her hips, gave me a look of, come on lets go. I finally got out of the car, and walked up to her. She said, “Don’t worry love. You look very nice.”

I just gave her a look of, yea, thanks.

Then she said, “And, what are we going to call you?”

“Call me?”

“We sure can’t call you Kile. So. What’s your girl name?”

“I don’t know.”

“So, I get to pick?”

“Why not. You created me.”

“All right. . . . Abigail.”


“What’s wrong with Abigail?”

“Nothing, I guess.”

“There better not be. It’s an old family name.”

“But, Abigail.”

“Is Abbey any better?”

“I guess.”

My answer must have been a little too sarcastic, as she looked at me in away that said she was not happy, then she said, “Kile. You promised.”

“I’m sorry. But, it still feels so weird.”

“I know. You’ve got the body of a cute, sexy, girl. And, the brain of a guy. I really should have changed your mind too.”

“No. I’ll try. But, you’ve got to help me.”

“Sweetheart. This was my idea. I’ll help you in any way that I can.”

We walked the block to the main street of the town, and I felt like everyone was looking at me. This town had a lot of small, quaint, stores. We slowly walked down the street, looking in the various store windows. Most of these stores were speciality type stores. Di was mostly interested in the clothing stores. We’d stop in front of them, look in the window, and if she saw something that interested her, we’d go in.

One was a lingerie shop, and we were in there in a flash. This shop had some very sexy things. And, Di was shopping like she was with a girlfriend. She would find something that she thought was cute, show it to me, ask me what I thought, and I would just shrug my shoulders. Finally she got a little disgusted with me, and pulled me aside.

“Abbey.”, she started, “I want your opinion on these. I want to know if you think they’re cute, and would look good on me. Or, maybe on you.”

“Me?”, I said.

“Well, your girl self.”

“But, I don’t know anything about girl’s underwear.”

With one of her wicked smiles, she said, “Well you sure know how to get it off me quickly enough.”

“Yea. But, that’s Kile, not Abbey.”

“But, Kile’s here too. Isn’t he?”


“So, what would Kile like to see me in?”

“You really want to know?”


I had seen something when we walked into the shop. So, I took her hand, and lead her over to a counter that had, along with other things, a very sexy red satin bra and thong set on display. And, I just said “This.”


“The red bra and thong.”

“Show me.”

“Show you?”

She leaned close, and whispered, “Don’t be shy. You’re a girl right now. Pick it up, and show me.”

I broke out in a sweat. And, looked at her like she was crazy.

“Go on, love.”, she whispered, “Show me.”

Reluctantly I picked up the bra, and showed it to Di. And, she said, “Abbey. That’s so cute. It would look wonderful on you. Lets go try it on.”

Again, I just looked at her. But, she looked through the bras, found one that was a thirty-six C, took my hand, and led me into a changing room.

“Are you crazy?”. I asked.

“Love. Girls try things on.”

“But, I thought you want this for you?”

“I do. Remember, if it fits you, it’ll fit me. If you try it on, then I’ll get to see what it looks like on me.”

I reluctantly took off my top, and reached behind me to take off my bra. I had a little trouble, but managed to get it off. Di handed me the bra, and I slipped it on. Just like earlier, I had problems reaching behind me, and fastening the hook and eye fasteners. Di just shook her head, walked behind me, and fastened them for me.

She walked back in front of me, looked at the bra, and said, “How does it feel.”

“Like a bra. I guess.”, I said.

“No silly. Is it comfortable? Does it support you?”

“Yea. It’s comfortable. I guess it supports me. And, . . . “

“And, what?”

“It kind of feels nice.”

“Feels nice?”

“The material feels nice on my skin. It’s soft and cool.”


Di looked at the bra closely. Checked the straps, and the support. Then she nodded her approval, and asked, “So, Abbey. Do you think Kile will like me in this?”

I couldn’t help but smile a little, when I replied, “Yes. I know he will.”

I changed back into my clothes. My clothes? And, we went back out to the counter where we had found the bra. Di found a matching thong in her size, and she went to pay for them. I actually looked around a little more. I did notice that Di and the sales girl were having a nice chat.

As we were walking out of the store, I said, “You and the sale girl had a nice chat.”

“An interesting chat.”, Di said.

“Going to tell me?”

“Lets get some lunch.”

We found a nice little restaurant that had outside tables, and ordered a light lunch. As we were sitting, finishing our drinks, Di said, “That sales girl asked me if we were lesbian lovers.”

I nearly choked on my drink, as I repeated, “Lesbian lovers.”

“I thought she was a little forward, and told her so. But, she said our body language said we were lovers.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Nothing. I just smiled. Then she said, that if we were, there was a club in town that she thought we might be interested in.”


“She said there’s a club in town, that twice a month has a girls only night. And, it’s become a lesbian meeting place. There’s dancing, drinks, and other things. And, I guess it can get wild from time to time.”

“You don’t?”

“Don’t what?”

“You don’t want to go. Do you?”

“No love. I’m no lesbian. But . . . “

“But what?”

“I do love you. And, right now you’re a girl. Then maybe I am a lesbian. But, I’ll bet when Kile’s back, I’ll love him as much as I love you. So, then I wouldn’t be a lesbian. Would I?”

“I guess.”

We spent another two hours in this town, visiting all the stores. And, on the way home, I asked Di, “Are all girl’s clothes so soft and nice.”

“Most of them. Why?”

“Just wondering.”

“Wondering what?”

“The clothes you gave me this morning were much softer then anything I have. But, the bra at the shop was very soft, and nice. So, I just wondered if all girl’s things were that way.”

“Yes. Most of them are. All mine are.”

It was interesting. After spending a little better then seven hours in a girl’s body, and five of those in that town, I was feeling almost comfortable in my new body. No one had given me any strange looks. I’d been looked at by a number of guys, but I had ignored them.

I guess I’d been a little too quite for Di, because she asked, “Why so quiet?”

“Just thinking.”


“How I feel.”

“How’s that?”

“I’m feeling comfortable right now. And, I don’t know why.”

“Maybe it’s that you’ve gotten use to the body. And, that your fears of looking like a girl are gone.”

The rest of the way home we just chatted about the day. Then as we were pulling into the driveway of her mothers home, I said, “Your mom?”

“What about her?”, Di replied.

“Me. Looking like a girl.”

“She knows.”

“She knows?”

“Sure. That’s one reason we came here.”


“Just in case something happened.”

“You weren’t sure this would work were you?”

“I was sure. But, it never hurts to have help close by, if you need it.”

“You scare me.”

As we walked into the house, her mom was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper. She looked up, and said, “Dianna. And, this must be Abbey. So, did you two girls have a nice day.”

“It was fun being with Abbey today.”, Di said, “She’s a great girlfriend.”

“I can tell you didn’t have any problems with the spells. She’s a very pretty girl.”

I think I actually blushed.

That evening we did our usual walk on the beach. Hand in hand. And, as we stopped at a favorite spot, Di looked at me, and said, “Kile. I’m really proud of you, doing this for me. And, I won’t hold you to our deal.”

“It’s Abbey until tomorrow.”, I said, “And, a deal is a deal.”

“No honey. You don’t have to.”

“Lover. I’ve never gone back on a deal. And, I’m not starting with you.”

She turned, looked at me for a few seconds, and then kissed me. It was a long, soft, deep kiss. Neither of us wanted to break the kiss. But, we heard voices off in the distance, and they were getting closer. After we’d broken the kiss, she whispered, “Might not be good for people to see two girls kissing.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

“Who cares, we’re lesbians aren’t we?”

“You are so bad.”

That night as we were getting ready for bed, Di handed me a small package. I took it, and asked, “What’s this?”

“A present for my best girlfriend.”, she replied.

I opened it, and it was a very pretty, short, black satin, nightgown, with matching panties. I looked at her, and she said, “Well, you can’t sleep in what you usually do.”

I smiled at her, and said, “You’re right.”

I undressed, slipped on the panties, and nightgown. They felt nice, very soft, cool, and satiny. We crawled into bed, and kissed good night. My mind wanted to make love to her so bad, and I think my body did too, as I had some strange feelings. Feelings that I’d never felt before. But, I just held her like I usually do, and fell asleep fairly quickly.

The following morning, after I shook out the cob webs, I tried to figure out why I felt so strange. Then I remembered yesterday. I rolled over, and just looked at Di, who was still sleeping. In a few minutes she opened her eyes, and I whispered, “Good morning lover.”

She smiled, and said, “You look so pretty.” Then she kissed me, and said, “I love you.”

I just smiled, and kissed her back. I still wanted to make love to her. Right then and there. But, we crawled out of bed, slipped on robes, and walked downstairs to the smell of breakfast. As we walked into the kitchen Di’s mother said, “Good morning girls.”

Di said, “Morning mom.” And, I got out a, “Morning Mrs. Bragge.”

“Abbey, you can call me mom.”

I looked at Di, she smiled, and with a little smile, I said, “Good morning mom.”

The three of us ate our breakfast together, and as Di’s mom had to go out right afterwards, Di and I cleaned up the dishes. As I was putting the last glass in the cupboard, Di said, “Well, love, are you ready to change back to Kile?”

I had thought that I would jump at being changed back to Kile. But, I didn’t say anything, I just looked at her.

She asked, “What wrong?”

“Nothing.”, I replied.


“There’s nothing wrong.”

“Do you like being Abbey?”

“In a way.”


“Once I got use to the body, realized that there was no way that anyone would know it was me, and relaxed. It got interesting and fun.”

“Interesting? Fun?”

“Some of the things I felt. How the clothes felt. How people interacted with me. And, how you treated me. It was fun being your girlfriend.”

“How I treated you?”

“It was like I was your special girlfriend.”

“Special girlfriend?”

“I could still feel your love for me even though I was Abbey. It was as strong as your love for me when I’m Kile. But, it was different.”


“I can’t explain it. But, it felt good.”

Di took my hand, pulled me to my feet, and then pulled me up to our room. As we walked into the room, she said, “I need to change you back to Kile.”

She pulled me toward the bed, stopped long enough to remove my robe. I was still wearing my nightgown and panties, when she pushed me down on the bed. The little book was on the bed side table. She picked it up, and turned to a page. Looked at me, set the book back down on the table, bend down, and gave me a very long, very deep, kiss.

When we broke the kiss, she picked up the book, looked at me, and said, “Kile, I love you so much.”

I looked at her, and replied, “I love you, too.”

She opened the book, and read a spell. Again the strange feelings, I felt things start to rearrange themselves inside me. This time it felt like things were being shoved out of me. Di read a second spell, and I felt things changing on my chest. A few spells later, and I was beginning to feel like my old self. With one last spell, I fell asleep.

When I awoke, Di was sitting next to me, holding my hand. And, she said, “Hi.”

I replied, “Hi.”

She bent down, and kissed me. The kiss turned into more. Much more. And, after a long round of love making, we were laying there looking at each other, and she said, “I’ve needed that since last night.”

“Me too.”, I replied.

- The real Abigail -

Two days later we were back at her apartment, and getting ready for classes to start three weeks later. Di wasn’t her usual self, and hadn’t been since we’d gotten back from her mothers. And, she had never brought up changing me again, and I didn’t either until one evening, we were cuddled together in front of the fire, when I asked, “Why haven’t you changed me again.”

“I don’t know.”, she replied.

“Di. I lost our deal, and I figured that you’d be doing all kinds of things.”

“You know that I just like to learn my art, and not really practice it that much. I can recite those spells from memory now. But, I just haven’t wanted to.”


“I like my Kile.”

“You didn’t like Abbey?”

“Sure I did. I loved Abbey. She was fun. She was you.”


“So, you want to be Abbey again?”

“When you want me to be. Or, anything else you want me to be.”

“What if I don’t?”


“There’s something I need to tell you.”


“There’s someone else on campus.”

“Someone else?” I thought, ‘Someone else that she loves.’

I guess the look on my face told Di what I was thinking, as she said, “No honey. Not that kind of someone else. There’ll never be anyone but you.”

“Then who?”

“Jim Woods.”

“The football quarterback?”


“What about him?”

“He’s a Warlock. A bad Wizard.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No. I was a freshman. He was a sophomore. And when I arrived on campus I sensed his presence. And, it didn’t take me long to figure out who it was. He has a reputation of hitting on all the pretty girls, and he uses his powers to get his way with them. He’ll use them, and when he’s tired of them, he tosses them aside.

“Well he tried it on me. And, I threw him a curve. I could tell that he was trying to cast a spell on me, and I blocked it. It wasn’t hard. His powers are very weak. I played along with him for a very short time. Then, when he tried to have his way with me, I cast a spell on him, and when he couldn’t get it up. He was dumb founded.

“I laughed at him, and said, ‘Next time, don’t pick on a Witch.’ He looked at me, his eyes got big, and he stammered, ‘You’re a Witch.’ And, I replied, ‘Yes. And, I know you’re a Warlock. You’d better stay clear of me, or you’ll be missing that thing.’

“From then on, he’s tried to stay as far away from me as he could. We were even scheduled into a class together, and when he found out, he changed classes. I’ve even helped a couple of other girls with him, just by blocking his spells when I could.”

“What’s this got to do with Abbey?”

“He’s always wanted to get back at me for what I did to him, and interfering with him.”


“I’m afraid that if you were Abbey, and we weren’t together, that he’d figure you out, and try to get back at me through you.”

“Why doesn’t he just come after me now?”

“There’s something with guys. Ever notice the football team is just mediocre?”

“Yea. Their record isn’t the greatest.”

“Don’t you think, if he could, he’d be winning every game?”

“You’re right.”

“My mother says that he’s too focused on one thing.”

“Girls, and his sex life.”

“And, he’s afraid of me. He knows my powers are much stronger then his, and always will be.”

“So, we just stay together when I’m Abbey.”

“I . . . I just don’t want to take the chance.”

When she had finished, she sat there looking at the floor. It was as if there was something more on her mind. Finally I asked her, “There’s something else. Isn’t there?”

She wouldn’t look at me, but just said, “No.”

“Dianna. Please tell me?”

“All right. Yes. There’s something else.”

“Honey. What?”

“I fell in love with Abbey.”


“Yes. I felt things for her that I’ve only felt with you. I felt deep love for her, or really for you when you were her. I wanted to make love to her that night. There it’s out. I love Abbey.”

Di started crying, and I just held her. She cried for a long time. When she calmed down, she sat back a little, looked at me, I wiped away her tears, and she said, “I’m sorry. But, I love you so much. And, I’m confused. I just don’t know.”

“Baby. It’s all right.”, I said, “I know you love me. And, I love you. You’re just confused in how you feel. You’ve never had lesbian tendencies before. And, I’m not really sure that they are lesbian tendencies. I think when you changed me into a girl. You became infatuated with her. I could tell that you were feeling very attracted to Abbey.”

“I saw the girl I turned you into in a dream the night before I changed you, and that’s who I changed you into. I had thought of making you my twin, but I didn’t. I made you into the redheaded girl.”

“Your twin.”, I said with a smile, “That would have been fun.”

“I just don’t understand why I feel about her the way I do. I’ve never felt this way before.”

“Maybe it’s because you knew it was really me. And, you were seeing something new between us.”

“Maybe. But, I’ve never felt this way about a girl before. I’ve never wanted to make love to a girl before.”

“Lets just drop it. We’ll just remember Abbey as a small part of our life together.”

“I’ll try. But, I’ve tried to do that for the past two weeks, and it hasn’t worked. I even dream about her.”

“What can we do to get your mind off of her?”

“Maybe once school starts, and I concentrate on studying, I’ll lose these thoughts.”

“I’ll bet I can get your mind off of her right now?”


I spent the next hour making slow, passionate, love to Di. When we were done, we cuddled on the couch, and I asked, “Well, did you forget about her?”

With one of her sly little smiles, she said, “Forget about who?” And, she gave me a deep kiss.

Classes started, and Di was back to her old self. Lots of fun to be with, and living with her was beyond my wildest dreams.

Then on one Friday a letter arrived from her mother, not an unusual thing. But, when Di read it, I watched her expression change. It went from one of her usual happiness, to one of confusion. I asked, “Di. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.”, she replied.

“Di. What?”

She sat there looking at what appeared to be a picture. Then she handed it to me. I stared in disbelief. It looked like it was a picture of me as Abbey. But, it was a very old black and white picture. I looked up at Di, and I could tell that she was confused, and upset.

I asked, “Who is this?”

Without a word, she handed me her mothers letter. I started reading it, and the fourth paragraph read . . .

“When I saw Abbey, I knew I had seen her before, and after you and Kile had left I started looking through my old picture albums. It took me awhile, but I found this one. It’s a picture of your great-great-grandmothers sister’s daughter Abigail. There’s spoken family history that she died under suspicious circumstances. Something about a family called Woods. I thought you should know.”

Di was looking at the picture, and I saw some writing on the back. I gently took the picture from her, and looked at the back. On the back was written, ‘Abigail Bragge born 1901-07-12, died 1922-12-18.’ And, underneath that was a drawing of the same pentagram that was over the fireplace, followed by the words ‘J. Woods’. I showed it to Di, her eyes got big, and I could tell she was angry. I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“See that pentagram?”


“It’s upside down.”


“It means that whatever happened to Abigail was caused by someone named J. Woods. And, it was done with magic.”

“You mean Abigail was killed by this person?”

“More likely a Warlock trying to steal her powers.”

“Like Jim Woods?”

“Yea. It could have been one of his ancestors. It’s obvious that Jim didn’t earn his powers, so one of his ancestors passed it down to him. That’s why his powers are weak. Power passed down becomes weaker the farther it’s passed. Earning the power keeps it strong.”

“So, you had the dream about Abigail the night before you changed me, and when you did, you changed me into Abigail.”


“But, why?”

“I don’t know. . . . I’ve got to talk to my mother.”

Di got the phone, called her mother, and talked to her for a long time. When she hung up, Di had a concerned look on her face, and I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“After I told mom everything, she said that Abigail wants revenge.”


“She wants revenge on the Woods family for what was done to her.”

“She wants someone killed?”


“Then what?”

“Maybe just something done to one of the persons descendants.”

“Like Jim Woods?”

“If this person was an ancestor of his.”

“How can we find out?”

“There’s a way if I had some of his hair.”

“That won’t be easy.”

“Maybe yes. Maybe no.”

“Okay. How?”

“You may not like this.”


“I think Abbey could do it.”

“What. Abbey. You mean me?”

“Yes. You. But, the Abbey you.”

“But, you said he could be dangerous to Abbey.”

“Yes. But, if I was close. And, if I can get the coven to agree to allow me to teach you one or two things. Then it should be fine. If I can stay close, I can fix it so he won’t realize who you are.”

“Can’t you do this?”

“No. Remember. He knows me.”

“So, I become a Warlock?”

“No. Abbey becomes a Witch.”


“Well almost a Witch. There is very little that I can teach you if you’re Abbey. I’m hoping that when you’re Abbey that Abigail may become a little part of you. If so, then she can regain some of her powers, and help you. But, we’ll only know for sure if you’re Abbey.”

“But, won’t you have a problem with Abbey coming back?”

“I don’t know. And, there’s only one way to find out.”

“I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. But, will you be all right coming back as Abbey?”

“I think so. So, what do we do?”

“I’ve got to talk to the coven first.”

“The coven?”

“I’ll tell you about them later.”

“All right. When does this happen?”


“I’ll go with you.”

“You can’t.”

Di left about nine that evening, and I waited up. At one in the morning I was getting concerned. By two, I was really worried. But, at just before three I heard her key in the door. When she walked in, and saw me sitting their, she said, “Why are you still up?”

“I was just waiting for you.”

“Weren’t worried. Were you?”


With a grin and a little laugh, Di said, “A Witch out at night. That’s the safest time for us.”

“So, what happened?”

“I’ll tell you in the morning. I’m tired.”

Late on Saturday morning Di filled me in on her meeting with the coven. First she explained the coven, which is made up five Witches, and how they met when something needed to be resolved. Then she told me how she explained to them, in detail, what was going on. And, how she proposed to do it. When she was done, she looked at me, smiled, and said, “Are you ready to become Abbey?”

“Ah . . . Are you sure?”

“Yes, love. I’m sure. We can do this, and no one will get hurt. Well, almost no one.”

“Then, I guess that I’m all yours.”

With a big smile, she said, “I know you are.”

“What do we need to do?”

“First we need to change you into Abbey, then see if Abigail is here.”

“If she is?”

“Then I teach Abbey a spell or two.”

“And, if she isn’t?”

“Then I’ll try to teach you, and if that doesn’t work we’ll have to figure out something else.”

“When are we doing this?”

“Right now. We have all weekend to work on it. The football team is playing out of town, so we won’t be able to get to Jim until Sunday at the earliest.”

I took Di’s hand, led her to the bedroom, and said, “Like I said before, I’m all yours.”

She smiled, kissed me, and said, “You’re so wonderful.”

I stripped, and laid down on the bed. Di asked, “Do you think you could take all the spells at once?”


“It would be quicker. But, once it starts, I can’t stop it,”

“Go for it.”

She bent down, and kissed me again. Then she started reciting the spells. I got warm all over, and the feelings started. But, this time they were all mixed together. And, feeling those things all at once was really something, but I also got sleepy. When I woke up, Di was sitting holding my hand, and smiling. She bent down, and kissed me, or should I say Abbey. Then she said, “Welcome back.”

“Hi.”, I said, “That was some trip. I can’t begin to describe what I was feeling. What’s next?”

“We need to get some clothes on you.”

This time she made me fasten my own bra. It took me a little while, and some struggling, but I managed it. Again with a cute top, shorts, and a pair of sandals. She sat me down at her dressing table, and showed me how to apply lipstick with a liner. There was that red head with the pouty, kissable, lips again.

“Now. “, Di said, “We need to find out if Abigail is at least a small part of you.”


“If she is, she’ll give us a sign of some kind. It may take her a little while. But, if she’s here, she’ll let us know.”

We went back to the livingroom, Di took out one of her books, and started looking for something. I sat there getting use to being a girl again. Finally I saw Di smile, and she said, “This will work.”

“What’s that?”

“It a very strong sleep spell. That’s easy to cast. And, will wear off in half an hour.”

“So, teach me.”

“Remember I can’t unless Abigail is here.”


“But, you do know what you’re getting into. Don’t you?”

“I guess so.”

“Love. If you’re going to get some of Jim’s hair, you’re going to have to get close to him.”

“So. He goes to parties all the time. I really don’t know when he studies. And, there are girls’ around him all the time. What’s one more?”

“Love. Did you forget that the whole football team shaved their heads a week ago?”


“And, there’s really only one other place that he’s going to have hair.”

“No way. I’m not doing that.”

“Love. It’s the only way. Once you get him alone, you can use the sleep spell, and be done with it.”

I just sat there, thinking, ‘God. I’ve never touched another guy there. And, I really don’t want to start now.’

Di said, “There’s more.”


“Remember Jim thinks of himself as a lover boy. He’ll want to kiss you. And, . . . “


“And, he’ll want to get . . . get touchy, feely.”

“Touchy, feely?”

“He’s a hands on guy. And, likes to feel the merchandise.”

“No way am I going let him touch me, let alone kiss me.”

“Love. It’s a girl thing. You do things that you don’t want to do, to get what you want.”

“But, kiss him. Let him touch me. Besides I kiss like a guy.”

With a coy look, Di said, “Not when you’re Abbey. Your kisses are very sweet.”

“But, I won’t know how to handle it.”

“Yes you will. With Abigail’s help.”

I sat back in the chair, stared at the wall for a few seconds, looked at Di, and said, “I can’t do this.”

She looked at me, patted the seat next to her on the couch, and said, “Come here love.”

I got up, walked over, and sat next to her. She took my hands in hers, looked into my eyes, and said, “If you really don’t want to do this, we won’t. But, I’ll be close to you the whole time, and won’t let anything happen. You can do this.”

There was something about looking into Di’s eyes, that had always made me feel at ease. And, this was no exception. I started feeling good about doing this.

We looked at each other a little while longer, then Di kissed me. It was a long, deep, kiss. And, it felt really good.

When we broke the kiss, I whispered, “You know, I’m Abbey right now.”

“I know. Do you mind?”

“No. I was just wondering about you, after what you told me.”

“I fine.”

“That kiss was very . . . very nice.”

“I know.”

And, this time I kissed her.

The rest of the day we talked about what we going to do to Jim. How I should use my femininity to get to him. What I needed to do to once I got him alone. This was all foreign to me, but I was getting an education. I was still disgusted at the though of kissing him, and letting him touch me. But, the more Di and I talked about it, the more I was willing to accept it this one time.

After dinner we were sitting together in the livingroom, and Di was explaining the spell to me. As she was finishing, I felt something strange, Di smiled, then said, “Abigail is here.”

“How do you know?”

“By what I just felt, and the aura that appeared around you.”

“So, she’s here with me.”

“Yes. Want to try something?”

“Sure. I guess.”

Look at the candles, and say, “Ithcwk kinmlo uytg.”

I looked at the candles, repeated what Di had said, and nothing happened.

Di said, “Try it again. But, this time just really concentrate on the candle on the left. Your powers, or Abigails’, are very weak”

I looked at the candle on the left. Really concentrated on it. And, repeated, “Ithcwk kinmlo uytg.”

A small flame appeared on the wick, and grew.

Di smiled, and said, “You did it.”

“I did?”

“You and Abigail.”

We spent the rest of the evening talking about the spells we could use on Jim. The one that Di would use to make him attracted to me. If she needed too. And, the sleep spell that I’d use once he and I were alone.

The whole time we were talking. I didn’t feel like me. I felt different.

I had one last question come into my mind. So, I asked, “Didn’t you say that you felt his presence on campus when you first came here?”

“Yes.”, Di replied.

“Won’t he feel your presence?”

“No. Remember his powers are weak. If I was standing right next to him, he might get some sort of idea. But, he’s too focused on girls and sex.”

I just nodded in agreement.

As we were getting ready for bed, Di handed me the black nightgown that I had worn at her mothers. I slipped it on, and it felt good. We crawled into bed, and laid their looking at each other. I knew I looked like a girl, but I also knew that I loved the girl that I was looking at. Di finally broke the silence with, “I love you.”

“No more then I love you.”

She moved closer, and kissed me. Then I felt her hand touch my breast. Her soft touch felt so good. And, she went on to seduce me. Normally I was the aggressor in our love making, but Di became the aggressor tonight, and I loved it. I felt things that night, which I’d never felt before, or dreamed that I could feel. Di knew how to pleasure me. Me as a girl. And, I guess I knew how to pleasure her, because she was over the top with pleasure.

Afterwards, as we lay looking at each other, Di said, “I’ve never done anything like that before. But, . . . I loved it. I loved doing it with you. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Mind making love to you? Never. I loved it too. I felt things tonight that I didn’t think it was possible to feel.”

“As Abbey, and not Kile?”

I smiled at her, and said, “Who’s Kile?”

Her next kiss was so deep, soft, and sensuous, and I never wanted it to stop. But, we finally cuddled together naked, and fell asleep.

- The Frat House -

The following morning we were still cuddled together. I was pressed against her back, and feeling my breasts against her, was so nice, I didn’t want to get up. She finally rolled over, and whispered, “Good morning lover.”

“Good morning love.”

“Last night was amazing.”

“Yes. You were.”

We kissed. Then we both figured we’d better get up, or we’d be spending all day in bed. The sexual tension between us that day was very strong. In fact, there were many kisses exchanged.

We found out that the football team had some how won their game yesterday, and that there was going to be a big party that evening at one of the fraternity houses. Di worked with me on the sleeping spell until I could recite it in my sleep.

I kept saying, “I don’t like guys. I don’t want to kiss a guy. I don’t want to see another guy’s thing.”

And, Di kept saying, “Lover. It’s only once, and for a good cause. And, I’ll make it worth your discomfort.”

Well, Di can be very persuasive. In many ways. And, that evening, I was looking like a hooker. I was wearing a miniskirt that just barely hid my ass. Under that was a red satin thong. My top was a short, see through one, that was tied in away that left my midriff exposed. My bra matched the thong, and it was also red satin. Di had worked with my hair, and it was really sexy looking. Now, with my makeup, Di went overboard. At least I think she did. She had me looking like I was going to a top end club, and was on the make. As usual, the red lipstick with a liner, eyeshadow to bring out my green eyes, and heavy on the mascara. And, an overload on her favorite perfume. My shoes were a pair if three inch, open toed, sandals. I figured I’d break my neck, but I was walking in them like it was second nature.

Di smiled, and just said, “Abigail.”


“She’s helping you. Isn’t she?”

“I think.”

“Me too. Those shoes are killers to walk in, but you’re doing good.”

I just smiled.

Di changed her look. She put her hair into a twist. She was wearing slacks, instead of her normal skirt. A heavy sweater to hide her figure. And, a pair of glasses. I almost didn’t recognize her.

As we were heading to the fraternity house, Di reminded me how Jim would act toward me, how I should act toward him, and I almost got sick thinking about it. But, I knew Di and Abigail’s spirt would help me get through this.

As we walked up to the fraternity house, I hesitated at the bottom of the steps. Di looked at me, and said, “Love. It’s going to be fine. I’ll be close. And, you’ll be able to do this.”

“I’m scarred as hell. If he figures this out, we’re in trouble.”

“He won’t. Just remember the spell.”

We walked in the door, and it was like I was in a spot light. It felt like every male in the place was looking at me. And, it wasn’t hard to find Jim. There must have been a dozen girls grouped around him.

I caught Di out of the corner of her eye. I saw her pause, and mumble something. I figured she’d done something to Jim, as his full attention turned to me. I got a knot in my stomach, but continued to walk toward him. And, he watched me as I did.

We had planned for me to be very forward, and get this over as quickly as possible. I walked up to him, and smiled a little. He put his arm around me, and said, “Hi baby. I’ve never seen you before.”

“I’ve been around.”, I replied, “And, I’ve seen a lot of you.”

“You, I would have remembered. You must have been hiding.”

“Not hiding. Just one of many girls on campus.”

“One of many, maybe. But, one of the prettiest ones. Want a drink.”

“No thanks. I don’t need one.”

His hand worked its way down to my ass. This guy really was self assured. My stomach was churring. But, I didn’t show it. I actually managed to smile. Then I felt him lift my skirt a little, and squeeze my bare ass. He grinned, winked, and whispered, “No panties?”

“A thong.”

His smile got bigger, and he said, “Does it match your bra?”

“You’ll have to find that out for yourself.” Where did that come from?

His grin turned to a wicked smile, he pulled me closer, and said, “You like the jocks don’t you?”

“Only certain ones.”

“Which ones?”

“The big ones.”

“Where do you like them?”

“Between my legs.” God, I’m such a slut.

“You’re not too forward, are you?”

“Only when I see something that I want.”

“What do you want sweetheart?”

I didn’t answer him, but I kissed him, and I put my hand on his crotch. His tongue snaked its way into my mouth. And, I almost threw up. But, I wrapped my arms around him, and he did the same to me. And, we held the kiss for a long time.

As we broke the kiss, he said, “I usually don’t have sex on the first date. But, with you sweetheart, I’ll make an exception.”

‘Yea. Right.’, I thought, ‘No sex on the first date. That’s not what I hear.’

“An exception.”, I said, “I feel privileged.”

“There’s a private room upstairs that we could visit.”

“Only if I’m in charge.”

“So, you’re a take charge kind of girl?”

“You bet.”

He took my hand, and led me upstairs. There were a number of doors, which I figured were the bedrooms of the various frat brothers. There were noises of sexual encounters coming from a couple of them. He led me down the hall to the last door, and opened it. As we walked in, I heard someone on the steps, and I hoped it was Di.

He closed the door behind us, turned to me, grabbed my ass with both hands, pulled me up to him, and kissed me. Then with one hand, he started playing with one of my breasts, a lot rougher then I liked. I said, “Easy. Remember. I’m in charge.”

“In my room, I’m in charge.”

I looked at him, and saw him mumble something. I figured it was the spell that he used on the girls that he wanted his way with. And as Di had planned, she blocked it, and I pretended to go along with it. I became quite, and just stood there. Waiting for his next move.

He walked over to me, and said, “Lets see the matching bra and thong.”

I just looked at him.

He then said, “Take off the skirt and blouse.”

I slowly untied the knot in my blouse, and slipped it off my shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. I unzipped the zipper on my skirt, and let that fall to the floor. I was now standing there in only my bra and thong.

Jim then said, “I bet you’d like to see my gift for you.”

I thought, ‘God, you are so self centered. It’s no wonder that you have to cast a spell to bed a girl.’

Jim took off his shirt, and dropped his pants. Then slipped off his underpants. I just stood there waiting his next move. He walked over to the bed, sat down, took a hold of his tool, and said, “Come on over here, and I’ll show you that I know how to use this thing.”

I slowly walked toward the bed.

He then said, “Lose the thong and bra.”

I pretended to reach behind my back to undo my bra, but I actually started to say the spell that Di had taught me. I watched as Jim’s eye lids got very heavy, he yawned, fought to keep his eyes open, and finally fell back on the bed, sound asleep.

I found my purse, took a small envelope out of it, and walked up to him. I looked at his crotch trying to figure out how to get a few strands of hair without touching him. I reached down, and pulled out a few hairs. He squirmed a little bit with each hair I pulled, but didn’t wake up. I quickly put the hairs in the envelope, got my clothes back on, and headed out the door. Di was standing there, and I almost ran into her.

“Lets get out of here.”, I said, “I need some mouth wash, and to scrub my hands.”

“Did you get some hair?”

Handing her the envelope, I said, “Sure did. Here.”

We got out of the frat house just as quickly as we could. And, on the way home, Di asked, “Now. It wasn’t that bad. Was it?”

“Di. I love you very much. But, I never want to see another man’s cock that close again. And, the kissing, it was all I could do to keep from throwing up.”

With a grin, Di said, “Well I guess I’ll never have to worry about you going out with a guy.”

“Never, would be too soon.”

When we got home, I went to the bathroom, scrubbed my hands, and brushed my teeth. Then Di went to work on the hair that I’d gotten from Jim. She went to a side cupboard that I had never paid attention to before, took some things out of it, and handed them to me. There was a mortar and pestle, and bottles of various things. I followed her into the diningroom, where she took the cover off the table reveling the pentagram. She took the items from me, and set them on the table.

She carefully removed all the hairs from the envelope, and placed them in the mortar, added something from a couple of the bottles. She then used the pestle to crush the contents of the mortar. “Abbey.”, she asked, “Would you please get me a bottle of red wine.”

I walked over to the wine cabinet, got the bottle, and handed it to her. She removed the cork, and placed a few drops of wine into the mortar. Setting the bottle down, she picked up the mortar, and carefully swished it around, mixing the contents. She then poured the contents of the mortar onto the center of the pentagram. It surprised me, even with the wine added, it was still a powder.

She took another of the bottles that contained a liquid, carefully added a drop to the powder, while chanting something. When she did, a small column of white smoke, or steam, rose from the powder. She reached out took my hand, and started saying something that I couldn’t understand. I watched as the smoke got darker and darker, until it was black, and Di was smiling.

“I knew it. I knew it.”, Di said, “Jim Woods is a member of the same family that hurt Abigail.”

I felt something inside, which I can only describe as excitement that turned to a feeling of great relief. I looked at Di, and said, “I think Abigail agrees with you.”


“I just had a feeling of excitement, followed by a feeling of great relief. And, it wasn’t me.”

Di just smiled, walked over to me, took my face in her hands, and said, “You were so wonderful tonight. We couldn’t have done this without you.” Then she kissed me.

As we were kissing, I felt something. Like something had left me. After we broke the kiss, I asked, “What’s next?”

Di looked at me, her smile turned to a grin, and said, “Bed.”

“Going to change me back first?”

“What do you think?”

She took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. She slowly undressed me, and when I was standing there only in the shoes, bra, and thong, she said, “You look so hot like that. I bet Jim wanted you so bad when he saw you.”

My answer was, “I don’t care about Jim. It’s what you want.”

We didn’t even bother with nightgowns. And, needless to say, the sex, lesbian sex, between us was even better then the night before.

Afterwards, we were laying there looking at each other, and kissing. Di finally asked, “Love. Do you mind making love to me when you’re a girl?”

I answered, “I’m in love with you. And, pleasing you is the most important thing to me. So, it doesn’t matter who I am, as long as you’re happy.”

“Do I please you?”

“More than you know. You know what I like, and need. And, that’s when I’m either Kile or Abbey.”

“You feel more comfortable being Abbey now, then you did before. Don’t you?”

“Strangely. Yes. Today, it felt good being Abbey. Helping you with Jim. And, I guess I felt like a girl, whatever that feels like, more so after Abigail showed up. Before that it was a little scarey.”


“That day at your moms’, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. Being a guy with a girl’s body isn’t something you do every day. And, what I was feeling had me very confused. My male mind was feeling feminine things, and it wasn’t sure how to handle them. Today it was different. After Abigail showed up, I felt very at ease being Abbey. I still had my guy’s mind, but it appeared to handle the girl’s body, and all the different feelings. Even the different way that girls make love.”

“Was Abigail in control?”

“I don’t think so. I think she was just showing me how to be a girl. And, I know she did when I was around Jim. I would never have been able to do, or say, some of the things that I did without her.”

“You know, Abigail left right after we found out that Jim was related to the Warlock that hurt her.”

“Was that what I felt?”


“So, what I’m feeling now, is just me?”

“I think so.”

I lay there in thought for a minute or so. Di finally asked, “Are you all right?”

I nodded yes, and said, “I still feel like Abigail is here.”

“She’s not.”

“So, I’m feeling all the girl type feelings myself?”

“Is that a problem?”

“No. I guess if I look like a girl, I should feel like a girl. As long as when I’m back to being Kile, I still feel like Kile.”

“You will. You want me to change you back now?”

“Maybe in the morning.”

We cuddled together, and fell asleep.

Needless to say, we had classes on Monday. So, I had to be Kile. And, Di changed me back right after breakfast. The week was a normal one for us, classes, studying, and normal lovers things.

On Thursday, I asked Di, “What are we going to do with Jim?”

“I need to meet with the coven again tomorrow, and discuss it.”

“I know. I can’t go with you.”

She smiled, and said, “You’re right.”

- Warlock No More -

On Friday evening Di went to meet with the coven, and she was back early, just shortly after midnight. Much earlier then last time. She had a little smile on her face as she walked in the door, and I asked, “Well?”

“You’ll see. The coven hasn’t been happy with Jim for a long time. They felt that he needed to pay for his ancestor’s indiscretion with Abigail, along with how he’s been misusing his powers.”

“I can understand him having to pay for what he did, but why should he have to pay for what his ancestor did?”

“It’s the way it works. If something could have been done to the Warlock that hurt Abigail, it would have ended then. But, nothing was, and it was forgotten for a few generations, until I found the book, and changed you into Abbey. And, now a descendant needs to pay for it.”

“So, changing me into Abbey brought this all back up?”

“I never knew about Abigail until we changed you, I had the dreams, and mom found the picture. If I had known, I might have had second thoughts about asking you to allow me to do the change.”

“How are you going to punish him?”

“Well, Abbey needs to be part of it.”

“Abbey. Why?”

“She has an in with him.”

“An in?”

“He doesn’t remember much about what happened last Sunday. And, thinks that the booze clouded his memory of what you two did. Abbey can entice him again.”

“To do what?”

“To have another sexual encounter with her.”

“No way!”

“Love. We need to get him away from his friends.”

“No way, am I doing anything with him. He’ll want to kiss me again. And, who knows what else.”

“Love. If we can get him away from his friends, I can do what the coven wants to be done, Abigail can rest, and we can forget about him.”

I sat there thinking about how disgusted I’d been kissing Jim, and letting him touch me. But, I also thought about how Di and Abigail had felt after we had found out about his ancestry. And, that the coven, whoever they were, wanted to exact something from him.

Di was looking at me in a questioning way, then she said, “What are you thinking?”

“How I hated to be with Jim. But, also how I was helping.”

“I know. And, I hated to ask you to do that, and now this. But, it’s the only way.”

I got up, walked over to the fireplace, and just stood there thinking about all of this. Then something hit me, and I asked Di, “How do you know that Jim doesn’t remember much about what happened last Sunday?”

The look on Di’s face turned to one that was a mixture of embarrassment and worry. I just looked at her waiting for an answer. Then I asked again, “Dianna. How?”

I saw tears in her eyes as she said, “I can read minds.”

“You can read minds?”


“You can read my mind?”


“Have you?”


“How long have you been able to do it?”

“Since I was a little girl.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know. I should have.”

“So, you’ve known all my thoughts?”

“No. Not really. I’ve tried to block out yours, so that our relationship was as normal as possible.”

“Is that how we did so good with the blindfold experiment?”

With tears running down her cheeks, she said, “Yes. Mad aren’t you?”

“Yes, and no. I know you’re a Witch, and that you have powers that I’ll never understand. But, when it’s something like this, please tell me.”

“I’m sorry. I will. I promise.”

I walked over to her, wiped away her tears, and asked, “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

She looked me in the eyes, and shook her head no. Then started getting a smile, and shook her head yes.

I gave her a stern, questioning, look, and said, “What?”

“How much I love you.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me. I was never really able to get mad at her.

After we broke the kiss, I asked, “So, when did you read Jim’s mind?”

“The Monday after the party, I saw him in the quad, with a few of his friends, and I couldn’t get close enough to hear what they were talking about. But, I was able to pick his thoughts out of the jumble of thoughts. That’s one of the hardest things about reading minds. There’s so many thoughts, and you have to be able to pick out the one you want.

“Anyway. I was able to pick up his thoughts, and it was about Abbey and the party. He thought that he’d had sex with you, but for some reason it was fuzzy, and he had fallen asleep. And, of course he was bragging to his friends about how easy it was to have sex with you.”

This made me a little mad. I wasn’t that easy. I just shook my head, and said, “What an ass. And, what does the coven want to do to him?”

“I can’t tell you right now. But, it’s a fitting punishment.”

“And, Abbey has to help.”

“It would be much easier.”

“All right. I’ll do it.”

She got a big smile on her face, and I got a very big kiss.

Then I asked, “When?”

“This weekend. There’ll probably be a big party, Saturday, after the game. Win or lose. And, Abbey needs to go, get Jim all hot and bothered, but give him nothing.”

“Give him nothing?”

“We want to get him alone, away from his friends, and out of the frat house.”

“To where?”


“Your apartment?”

“No. Our apartment. But, yes here. Once he’s here, his powers will be useless, and we’ll do what’s necessary.”

“So, Abbey, hopefully with Abigail and you, goes to the party at the frat house. Gets Jim all worked up, but somehow I don’t let him do anything, and we get him here. That night or when?”

“I know I’ll be there, and I think Abigail will too. And, it can be on Saturday night or on Sunday evening. But, I’ll bet that he’ll want Abbey so bad it will be on Saturday.”

“How do we get around him using a spell?”

“We’re going to confuse him. Abbey’s going to come on strong to him, and he’ll try casting the usual spell on her, but it won’t work. She’ll just smile a sweet smile at him, hand him a piece of paper with the address on it, and tell him to meet her there.”

“And, when he gets here, his powers won’t work?”

“Remember. His powers are weak to start with. And, here in our place, a Witch’s house, my powers will be much stronger than his, and I’ll be able to control him.”

With a grin, I said, “Your powers are too much for me too.”


“Abbey will become your slut again.”

As I’ve said, normally when I’m Kile, I’m the aggressor in our sexual relations. But, tonight Di was, and all I can say is, “Wow!”

On Saturday afternoon, Di did her magic, and turned me into Abbey. What I feel when she does this is still amazes me. And, it didn’t take long for Abigail to show up. And, this time, my third as Abbey, I was really comfortable with it. Much more than I thought I could ever be. Maybe it was Abigail, or maybe not.

The football team got their collective butts kicked. But, they were playing against the state powerhouse team, and it was expected. But a score of forty-four to three was humiliating.

That evening, as we figured, there was going to be a party at the frat house. And, Di did her upmost to make me very sexy. A black, pushup, satin, bra, with a matching thong. A very short, black, leather, skirt. A plain white blouse, which she again tied so my midriff was bear. And, a pair of very sexy pair of black heels with ankle straps.

As she was tying the blouse, Di quipped, “You need to get your navel pierced.”

I caught the little gleam in her eyes when she said it, so I said, “Whatever turns you on lover.”

She gave me a little wicked smile, and shot back, “If I knew a spell to do it . . . But, right after we’re finished with Jim.”

The only problem was, I knew she meant it.

My makeup was even sexier then last weekend. She spent a long time on my eyes, and when I finally looked at them, I couldn’t take my eyes off the mirror. My green eyes just shown. My eyebrows, were thin and perfect. She had used mascara to make my lashes very long, with each lash carefully separated from the other. The eyeshadow was perfectly matched to my eyes. And the eye liner, which curved up a little from the outside corners of my eyes, framed my eyes perfectly, and was down right sexy.

Later that evening, as we were heading to the frat house, Di reminded me how to act toward Jim, and what might transpire. And, just like last week, I felt like I was going to get sick. But, when Di said that it would be all over this weekend, I relaxed. I think Abigail had something to do with it.

We walked into the frat house, and the party was in full swing. But, a little subdued because of the nasty loss. I looked around, trying to find Jim, and found him in the livingroom talking to a couple of the other football players. His back was to me, so I walked up behind him, put my arm around his waist, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He quickly looked at me, and said, “Hi baby. What brings you back?”

“I heard about the game, and I thought I could take your mind off of it.”

The guys he was talking with, got really big grins, and as the walked way from us, one of them said, “See you later Jimmy. Be nice to her.”

I could see the smirk on Jim’s face, as he said, “I’ll be very nice to her.”

He turned to me, and just like last time, he reached behind me, grabbed my ass, and pulled me to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he kissed me. He forced his tongue into my mouth, and he held the kiss for a long time.

Finally he let go, and said, “Want some more of me, don’t you . . .ah“

“I’m hurt. You forgot my name already?”, I asked.

“No. But, I don’t remember you telling me.”

“Lover. We were in your room, and just getting down to business. And, I told you my name was Abbey.”

“Oh yea. Right. Abbey.”

‘Yea right buddy.’, I thought, ‘I never told you.’

“I’m glad you remembered. You didn’t forget that night did you?”

“No. There’s no way I could forget that night.”

‘Sure you remember. Because nothing happened, you dork.’, I thought.

“Baby.”, I said, “I’m glad you didn’t forget. We did things that night that were out of this world.”

I could see the confusion on his face, as he said, “Yea. We did. Didn’t we?”

“You bet baby. And, I want more.”

“You do?”

“Sure. I want that big thing in me again. And, I bet I can do things to make you forget the football game.” There I go getting slutty again.

He grabbed me again, kissed me. And, his hands were all over me. It was all I could do to keep him from grabbing me someplace I never, ever, want him to grab. And, all I wanted to do was throw up.

Once he stopped pawing me, he took my hand, and started leading me toward the steps to upstairs. I resisted, and said, “Not here baby. I’ve got a better idea.”

“I want you now.”

As sweet as I could, I said, “Baby. I know. I want you too. But, I want you all night. And, I’ve got a better place. Bigger then that room upstairs. A much bigger bed. All the booze you want. And, no one to bother us.”

He started pulling me again, and said, “I can’t wait.”

“Baby. I’ll guarantee that you’ll never forget tonight if we do it at my place.”

“Your place?”

“Sure. I’ve got an off campus apartment. And, I don’t share it with anyone. And, there you can have me in any way you want.”

“You’re so hot. I want you now.”

I got loose from him, handed him a slip of paper with our address on it, said, “Baby. My place in an hour.”, turned, and walked away. It must have surprised him, as I was watching Di, she was smiling, and didn’t appear to have to cast a spell to block one of his.

As Di and I were walking away from the frat house, Di said, “You are such a little slut.”

“Thanks!’, I said, “You’re the one that put me up to it. And, I think it’s really Abigail that’s being the slut. I have no idea where all this is coming from.”

“I really think your feminine side is a slut at heart.”

“That so?”

“Sure do lover.”

“I’ll show you who’s a slut after we get done with Jim.”

After we arrived back at the apartment, we got ready for Jim. I wasn’t sure if I liked what Di wanted me to do, but I went along with it. I went to the bedroom, took off my skirt, blouse, and bra, and put on a short satin robe. When I walked back out, Di looked at me, and said, “All most.”

“All most?”

“You need to show more. Here. Let me show you.”

Di arraigned the robe, so that it barely covered my breasts. When I looked down, I could see the top of my thong. I told her, “That too much.”

“Love. He’s hot for you. We need him in here for a while, then it will be all over. And, the more you show him, the more he’ll concentrate on you, and not what else is going on.”

“I’m worried that he’ll get more than I want him too.”

“Remember what I said, about a girl doing what she needs to, to get what she wants.”

“Sure. That’s what scares me. That he’ll get too much.”

“I’ll be here. Just go with it. It won’t last long. I promise.”

I took a deep breath, and said, “All right.”

Right at ten o’clock the door bell rang, and I must have jumped ten feet. Di whispered, “Relax. Remember this won’t take long.”

I slowly walked to the door, and opened it. Jim was standing there, and when he saw me in the robe, his smile turned into a lecherous grin. Keeping in character, I smiled back, and said, “Glad you decided to come.”

As he walked into the apartment, “Baby. I wouldn’t miss a night with a broad like you for anything.”

He turned, and grabbed me by the ass again. Pulled me to him, and kissed me, long, and hard. What’s with this guy grabbing ass?

His hands got to places I wasn’t happy about. My breasts aren’t bread dough, and his hands were rough. He was able to get my robe off before I could stop him, but I was able to slow him down with, “Easy baby. We’ve got all night. And, we can do anything you like.”

I took his hand, and led him into the livingroom. As he was walking in, he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Di sitting in the chair. And, he said, “What’s she doing here?”

“Oh.”, I said, “Do you know Dianna?”

“Yea. I do.”

“Nice to see you again Jim.”, Di said.

“What the hell is going on?”

“The coven has gotten tired of you. And, it’s time you paid the piper.”

I hadn’t heard them, or felt them come into the room, but all of a sudden there were four other women in the room. One was Di’s mother, the others I’d never seen before. But, I figured that they were the other members of the coven.

Jim turned to run, and froze in place.

“Jimmy.”, Di continued, “Abbey was really glad you came. And, it wouldn’t be nice of you if you left before you received your gift. She worked really hard to bring you to our party.”

I had forgotten that I was standing there in nothing but my shoes, and a thong. But, Di’s mother helped me slip into my robe, which she had gotten from some place.

Di looked at me, and said, “Abbey love. You need to leave us alone with Jim. So, why don’t you go to the bedroom. But, first be a dear, and take the cloth off the dining room table.”

I looked at Di. Walked over to her, and whispered, “You’re not going to hurt him, are you.”

“No lover.”, Di said, “We’re just going to teach him a lesson.”

I turned and looked at Jim, and I could see real fear in his face.

I gave Di a kiss, and walked into the diningroom. Removed the cloth from the table, and went into the bedroom. I laid down on the bed. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remembered was being kissed. I opened my eyes, and it was Di. She smiled at me, and I said, “I must have fallen asleep.”

“You did. Or, should I say, I put a spell on you.”


“We didn’t want you to know what went on.”

A little concerned, I asked, “Why?”

“The coven couldn’t let you see the punishment. So, it was best that you slept.”

“He’s still alive. Isn’t he?”

“Yes love. He’s alive. But, he’s not he.”


“He’s a she now. A sexy eighteen year old girl. Almost as pretty and sexy as you.”


“So, he can learn how the other sex feels with guys like him around.”

“Will he ever be a guy again?”

“No. He’s a girl from now on. And, he’s lost all his powers. In a way he’ll remember the things he did, and when they happen to him, he’ll feel regret for ever doing them. No one will remember Jim, only Jamie. She’s gone to live with one of the members of the coven, so she can watch over her. Jamie is a wild child.”

“I thought that you couldn’t change someone unless they were willing?”

“I can’t. But, he was willing. The alternative he was given, was a lot worse. Oh. And, when we told him about Abigail and what his ancestor had done, he started bawling like a baby. He knew he was in trouble.”

“Abigail! Is she still here?”

“No. She’s at peace now.”

I felt the tears come into my eyes. Di held me, and said, “It’ll be fine. Abigail can rest. Jim will no longer hurt anyone. And, you and I have each other. But, Abigail gave me something for you.”

“Abigail was able to leave something?”

“Yes. Actually two things.”


“First, this.” Di gave me a long deep kiss. Then said, “That was for being so wonderful in doing this for her, and us. And, this.” And, she handed me a very pretty satin choker with an even prettier cameo on it.”

I looked at it, then at Di, and said , “Why?”

“Because she wanted a pretty girl to have it.”

“But, how did she . . . “

“Abbey love. There are things that you’ll never understand. Just believe that it was given in love.”

Di took the choker, and gently fastened it around my neck. I felt very warm and at peace. But, then I wrapped my arms around Di’s neck, and cried. She just held me.

Finally, Di said, “Love. We need to get some sleep. It’s two in the morning.”

“Two! Jim was here at ten.”

“I know. Some things just take time.”

Di and I slept until late the following morning. And, when I woke up, Di was laying there looking at me. She brushed my hair out of my eyes, and said, “Morning love.”

“Morning. Was I dreaming last night?”

“No. Jim is gone. Abigail is at peace. And, you and I have each other.”

“Then those other women, they were the rest of the coven?”


- Epilog -

The rest of our college life together was almost normal. Di never did change me into anything or anyone other than Abbey. But, the more she changed me into Abbey the more it felt right. And, right after we graduated, we were married, twice.

The first was just a civil ceremony with Di’s mom, and the rest of the coven as witnesses. The second wedding was a Witch’s wedding. The Witch’s wedding really isn’t a wedding in the true sense of the word, but a binding ceremony. It was interesting. It was held in a cave, and there were a lot of people, or should I say Witches and Wizards, there. Di was wearing a very pretty, but black and red, gown.

I found out that covens have a Priestess or Priest, and our binding ceremony was preformed by a Priestess. At the very end of the ceremony, after we shared wine and bread, there was a binding of our hands together, as the Priestess said, “By the power vested in me by Lord and Lady, I now pronounce you husband and wife. May your love so endure that its flame remains a guiding light unto you.”

Shortly afterwards, we purchased the book store where Di had purchased the little book, and renamed it to The Witch & The Wizard. We turned the second floor into our apartment, and kept the bookstore running. And, we expanded into mail order and internet orders. And, it kept us very busy. We also had many interesting customers, and it was probably because of the type of books we sold. Where Di came up with some of these books, I’ll never know. And, maybe I don’t want to know.

One of our regular customers, who Di just calls The Wizard, is a crusty old guy usually dressed in something akin to a bathrobe. He would just appear in front of the counter with the books he wants, pay for them, and disappear. When we started offering our customers free coffee, he’d hang around long enough to drink a cup or two.

I spend more and more time as Abbey. But, now ten years later, I guess I had spent more than enough time as Kile, as we have two daughters. Faith, seven, who is the spitting image of Di. And, Rachel, six, who looks too much like Abbey. I’ll never be dad to them, but Aunt Abbey isn’t bad. Di’s mom has purchased a house in town to be close to her granddaughters, and she takes care of them when Di and I both need to be in the shop. Di has also told me that both girls will become Witches, which I’d figured would happen. And, that they would also be very good at their art.

Well, that’s my little story of how I met Di, fell in love, and our interesting
life. Hope you enjoyed it.


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Another good story

I really like your style of writing and the story line is fun. Thanks again for another. Glad to see your posting here at Stardust.

Leia Marie

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.



Thanks for posting this and your other stories at Stardust. They are a much appreciated addition to the web site. Please do post more like these if you have them.

Bob Arnold

Witchy Woman

This is the first story I've read on Stardust. It was quite engaging. For the first few chapters I was wondering what Di's surprise was going to be. I couldn't imagine Di being a boy, so a witch turning Kile into a woman was the next logical guess. I'll look for your name in the future.

Good story

With an unusual brand of fantasy witchcraft.