Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels

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Set free by the Teen Angels, Brenda, Dee Dee and Taffy, comes the world's first superhero, Captain Caveman!

Answering the Teen Trouble Alert as Super Friends in Training with powers from the planet Exxor, come the Wonder Twins, Jan and Zayna!

Captain Caveman

Captain Caveman and
the Teen Angels

By Sasha Zarya Nexus

Goddess of Exxor Universe

A Hanna Barbera Fan Fiction


Disclaimer: This fan fiction piece is based on the original works, “Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels" by Hannah Barbera, copyright 1977. “All New Super Friends Hour"; by Hannah Barbera, copyright 1977 and Extreme Justice #9 by DC Comics, Copyright 1995 All original characters and plot lines are the property of the owners, and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is coincidental. This piece is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a copyright infringement.