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Day of Remembrance

As I'm sure everyone is aware, Friday, November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. The TSSD Chat room is open and if you want to drop by between the hours of 6PM and Midnight Eastern Time, I can promise you there will be someone there. There's no format planned, but please if you can drop in and say hello. The link to the chat room can be found at the top of the front page here and on BCTS.

A must read

It's not a story posted here, or anywhere online, it's a book entitled Luna, by Julie Anne Peters. Luna is the story of two siblings, 16 year old high school sophomore Regan, and her older brother Liam. For several years they have shared a secret - that Liam is transgender, a girl born in the body of a boy. The story is told through Regan's eyes, who has counseled and protected her 'sister'. Regan's bedroom is Liam's refuge, where he comes at night to transform into Luna, a girl who can only be seen by moonlight.

It hasn't been easy for Regan; protecting Liam/Luna's secret has cost her friends and made her a social outcast, and the fact that Liam is a genius has left her with big shoes to fill at school. Their family life isn't great either, they have an over-bearing father and a pill-popping mother who virtually ignores them.

Day of Remembrance Gathering

NOTE: Scott posted an incorrect URL for the Nova Party Line that, if used, will take you to an older version of the public timeline page. Please use (note that I've removed the "?page=5") as the correct link to get to the most recent display page. I've also corrected the links below as well. (Bob Arnold)

I would like to invite everyone to drop by the Nova Party Line on Thursday, November 20th, 2008, between the hours of 5PM and 11PM PST (8PM and 2AM EST) for an online gathering in honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

FDA Warning

I just received this and felt I should pass it along. The US FDA is warning that there is a risk of botulism from certain nationally distributed canned chili products. Here's a couple of links with the full details:

Emergency Email & Wireless Network

US Food & Drug Administration

Botulism is extremely serious so if you even think you may have a suspect product please throw it away.